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Satpal & Nav

Maggie of Fotographia Boutique is the most talented and amazing photographer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her portraits and story books speak for themselves, so I won't go into too much detail. But I wanted to comment on what an amazing person Maggie is. When I was searching for a photographer for my wedding day, I immediately knew I wanted to book Maggie based on her artistic abilities displayed on her website. But I did not realize at the time, that I was getting so much more than Maggie's artistic abilities. I was getting a professional, honest, kind-hearted PERSON, not a company, but a real person that I could truly trust and really enjoyed working with. What really impressed me about Maggie is that she was right by my side the entire day and went above and beyond her role as a photographer to make me feel as comfortable as possible. She wasn't "counting hours", instead, she made me feel like my wedding day was just as big of an event for her, as it was for me. Most brides won't realize this until the day of the wedding, but once you have left your parents home, and your bridal party is off getting ready, your make up artist has gone home...and you are patiently waiting for your groom to get ready, while your nerves are kicking in, you will realize that you need a friend or sister-like figure in the room. Maggie was that person! I almost forgot that she was my photographer as she very calmly reassured me that I looked great, she helped me fix my earring when it broke and even helped me squeeze into my dress after the zipper got stuck!! At the same time, her professionalism is second to none. She respected and embraced our indian customs as if they were her own. My family still talks about what a lovely woman Maggie was to have at the wedding. Everything I've mentioned thus far about Maggie is only a fraction of her display of hard work and dedication. When the wedding day is over, her real work begins!! Let me start by saying that my story book went through a 12 stage process where Maggie included me every step of the way. I was a very picky bride that wanted everything a certain way, and dissected every detail, but No task was too big or too small for Maggie. She never once hesitated to meet my requests and always delivered with a smile. She never made me feel like I was asking for too much, Infact, she encouraged my involvement so that our storybook would not just be another "cookie cutter" album, but a very personal work of art. It was really nice to have a photographer I could completely trust. Fotographia Boutique was the best investment I ever made for my wedding. I now have timeless art pieces of my very own. It is with great pride that I say "I had Maggie of Fotografia Boutique as my photographer", and a true blessing to have her capture our special day. Thank you very much Maggie. Satpal

Amrita $ Mohit June 5 & 6, 2009

I knew Maggie would be my photographer within five minutes of meeting her. She has the most brilliant and warm personality of anyone you'll meet. Her work is poetic--every portrait she has displayed in her studio will tell you a story whether it's a baby, a bride or fashion photo. But what reallly captivated me was Maggie's passion for her work. Before I landed at Maggie's doorstep I met with two other top South Asian photographers. Both did wonderful work but I walked away feeling like I was just a client, this was a business transaction and I would end up with typical wedding photos similar to those of every other South Asian wedding. The difference with Maggie is that she sees you as part of her art. She wants to capture every detail of your wedding and highlight the most intimate moments. Maggie does not fit you into a framework of typical wedding pictures, she let's you and the pictures tell the story of your wedding. I have to admit that at first I was very nervous to work with a Non-South Asian photographer. I didn't know if she would be able to capture all the traditions, intricate detail and just simply follow along with the numerous ceremonies and flow of a four hour wedding! What I quickly learned after chatting with Maggie is that a true photographer with a real passion for what she/he does will find beauty and art in everything and every culture. Having a Polish photograher actually brought new fresh eyes to my wedding. Maggie captured moments and details that we as South Asians often overlook because we've seen it so many times. If you have a look at the beautiful photos Maggie has taken of my wedding--that will do more justice to Maggie's talent and passion than any words I could write.

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