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About Maggie Habieda

Most photographers capture people as they are. Maggie’s unique combination of technical skill and creative touch allows her to capture people as they dream themselves to be.

Close your eyes and dream the perfect image of yourself: beautiful, glowing and happy - the ideal you. Maggie can capture the very best in you and complement it with an artistic flare to create unforgettable images that radiate with life and energy and reflect your dream.

Like every true artist, Maggie loves real emotion and feels blessed each time she can capture it. The love for her craft is clearly reflected in her personal approach: she treats each client like a family member and a life-long friend, each photo session like a special occasion and each photograph like a masterpiece painting.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design and the recipient of numerous awards in the field, Maggie embarks on an uncompromising pursuit of perfection with every project she takes on – each client’s needs carefully considered, each important instance captured and each shot gently edited and meticulously refined to emphasize the true beauty her clients look for.

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